Front Yard Retaining Wall

Watching the garden grow

Rocks, Rocks and more Rocks!

Garden Boxes

A new problem. Drainage

A little privacy please.... Privacy Fence Build

Watching grass grow is actually kinda fun. Hooray, it's SOD DAY!

Dirt and lots of it... Leveling out the lawn.

Mow strip - The do over...

Light Me Up - Gazebo Lanterns and Lights

Squirrels Love Fruit - My New Trees

Mow Strip - Part 1 - FAIL

Gazebo Build - Bring on the Shade!

Storm Drain - Making the best of a fluid situation

Leveling out the dirt - It's a dirty job...

Retaining Walls - Making the Backyard Great Again!

The Patio - creating an outdoor living space

Backyard deconstruction - fence removal

Backyard deconstruction - Rock removal!

Backyard shed - Need to squirrel away all of my tools.